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Friday, March 23, 2007

Senti Stuff

Last week I was in NIMHANS to see my friend who was admitted there due to a road accident. It happened so as to meet some mentally disordered people there. They kept talking to themselves about one or the other SERIOUS issue with valid points [Interesting one was Rajeev Gandhi’s murder]. Hey I guess, they actually talk to someone somewhere [May be God], it seemed so, that there is some mode of communication.

Longtime back we laughed at people who talk to them, later we realized that there is something called Mobile thru which one can talk to someone somewhere in the world. Likewise, THERE is also some mode of communication to somewhere. What do you feel????

I was discussing this with my Mother. She said, “What is wrong with you?” :(

My Grandma told my mom “hey 1st get her marry to someone soon” :(

Weird…but I feel it has got a meaning…. what is that?????

Enuf of senti…

Incidentally, this NIMHANS is an unforgettable place in our friends’ circle. Whenever we cross this place my friends say, “this is ********* ‘s in-laws place :). These stars are replaced by Prema, one more Priya, Souji, Nalini, Shama, Shailu, Revathi, Shilpa,list goes on…. sometimes me too :) …[that depends on the day and dress].

Hey you know, what a gang we were / are. Most of them are golties, Use is that, Naaku kooda telugu lo mattaladattam vachu :). Some got married and moved from here but thanks to the IT we are in touch :)

Among all Souji, Prema and Priya are my closest friends. They’re my roomies at different times. Souji was studious, caring and very famous for her awesome dance in our PG. Priya WOW… Priya is an example for a girl… a mixture of modern and traditional values…. she too very caring, calm and cool person. Prema…. She is a kind of “bindass lady” more supportive, kind and enthusiastic. If Prema is there, hours will fly like minutes.[She has a BIG fans club of both sexes]

I started this Post somewhere and trying to end up here…. But u know,there is no END when you talk about a FriEND.

Be happy.

-Priya :)

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Priya - Pa.Ke.Pa


My family friend Senthil anna'a son Charan.He is just 2 years old but soooooooo smart!!!! "Piya kaka" [this is how he calls me.means Priya akka] and points my vehicle, I gave him the key.GODDD....He had never seen any scooty before, (I swear) but started the vehicle. yeppa!! [En Blacky oda ketta kalam :( ] then he was showing me his new dolls and cars.then went to the kitchen, took the idly cooker, pulled a chair, kept the cooker on the stove and started preparing this he does manythings.... u can jus sit and watch for days together...

I was talking to my Ex-Colleague, he was feeling bad about his clients[He is an ERP Functional consultant but previously was a puckka techie].He was saying that his clients are bhayangara enthu pattanis..cant seriously manage them.I asked him how and why?. He gave me an example. :)

avaru chinna payyana irundhappo,avaroda village la screen katti "Aval Appdithaan" ndra padam pottirkaanga..adhula oru scene la sujatha saree maathuvalaam...appo anda pakkama thirumbi ninnukuvalaam [showing the back to us]....apo padam paathitu irundha 6th, 7th pasanga ellaam..oodi poi screen pinnadi ninnu paathirkaanga [Ivarum oruthanu ninaikarean] andha madhiri thaan ipo clients pannaranga nu varutha pattaar :(

Neraiya jokes..
Inflation is when you pay Rs.60 for an Rs.40 haircut, which you were getting it done for Rs.10 when you had hair.

-Priya :)

Friday, March 02, 2007

Where are you??????....

I looked back
the days that I spent with You
the days I fought with you
the places I visited with you
the functions & festivals we enjoyed
the jokes we laughed at
the movies we watched
the moments when I made you to feel proud about me
the moments when you made me to feel proud about you
I can keep on listing like this without an end...btw, where are you now??????????........

They were doing some rituals, poojas and stuff and saying
"They Are Feeding You".
Tell me, Where are you now???????????.....


Everyone says that you WON'T come back...Is it?????
NO. I hope I'll meet you somewhere/sometime.

Well, This was something, which I wrote on my notebook some 2 years back when my Father passed away. Then, as the days pass on and I got engaged in many things and actually was not worrying much about this.

Now, suddenly these days (I donno why) again am getting the same kind of feeling that "MY FATHER IS NOT HERE IN THIS WORLD AND AM ALONE”

and , I've a serious doubt too... how do these things(Tharpanam) reach them?? Because, we normally give this to crows or cows.

I'll have to ask my mom.

- Priya.