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Friday, March 02, 2007

Where are you??????....

I looked back
the days that I spent with You
the days I fought with you
the places I visited with you
the functions & festivals we enjoyed
the jokes we laughed at
the movies we watched
the moments when I made you to feel proud about me
the moments when you made me to feel proud about you
I can keep on listing like this without an end...btw, where are you now??????????........

They were doing some rituals, poojas and stuff and saying
"They Are Feeding You".
Tell me, Where are you now???????????.....


Everyone says that you WON'T come back...Is it?????
NO. I hope I'll meet you somewhere/sometime.

Well, This was something, which I wrote on my notebook some 2 years back when my Father passed away. Then, as the days pass on and I got engaged in many things and actually was not worrying much about this.

Now, suddenly these days (I donno why) again am getting the same kind of feeling that "MY FATHER IS NOT HERE IN THIS WORLD AND AM ALONEā€

and , I've a serious doubt too... how do these things(Tharpanam) reach them?? Because, we normally give this to crows or cows.

I'll have to ask my mom.

- Priya.


Blogger Deepa said...

Oh! (hugs) when someone passes away its people around them that suffer. I dont know exactly what the tharpanams do but if they loved us and you love them with all your heart, they'd hear when you talk tothem. I know I sound crazy but I strongly believe in that. Lost my close friend recently and I still dont "Want to" get over him. I can imagine how much more difficult it would be to lose your loving dad. (hugs again)

11:59 PM  
Blogger Padmapriya said...

hi Deepa.. welcome here.yeah I too some times felt like "He is Listening to me".. so sad that u lost ur friend :(

3:56 PM  
Blogger Oracle said...

I use tharpanams to remember how my grandpa used to love me. It serves like a reminder and recollection event to the living of the dead.

10:43 AM  
Blogger ambi said...

//how do these things(Tharpanam) reach them?? Because, we normally give this to crows or cows.

surely it will reach! it's just like U pay havis to your god thru agni in the form of homams.

also, your beloved ones will be always with U, can hear U even guide U when U r in toug situation.

that sounds like an poem, really nice. keep writing. :)

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your dad is looking at you from HEAVEN. Everything will be ok. My grandmother passed away more than 10 years ago. I still think about her every day. I still miss her so much.


8:16 PM  
Blogger gils said...

iduku commenta ena podrathunay therila...glad to see tt u have picked urself so well..keep goin buddy

6:00 PM  
Blogger Raghs said...

hi padmapriya,

felt bad and sorry while reading about your father's absence..

i recently came to know thru my roommate (who is actually a brahmin) that the Dharpanam what we do is actually feeding the elders thereby not letting them suffer for food and show our caring nature to them.

as radha said, i too miss my grandma who was a person showed unconditional love on me.. still at times tears come out of my eyes when i start thinking about her deeply.. so can get you.

Take Care!!

5:35 PM  

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